Take a look at all theamazing products we have to offer that actually are good for your skin


Dumb Truth Beauty is a beauty range that is growing day by day. It covers a wide range of skin care which is natural, cruelty free and vegan. It is all beautifully handmade in my little country kitchen and it all looks and smells good enough to eat. (Most are not edible!).

I have done much research and reading on different skin types & ingredients and as we all know no skin is the same, meaning each person will have their own skin care routine for day and night. I have also designed some naturally natural skin care products for skin that is super sensitive, using limited essential oils and colours.   My aim is to help people feel comfortable wearing their own skin, all day, everyday. My business is just me, but I love itand want to help others feel great.

Love Heather xo